Complete Schedule Manager for
Informed Food Trucks & Mobile Vendors

Invites are released on a first-come, first-serve basis
Historical Location Insights for Improved planning
Exporting to Spreadsheet Programs
Mobile Apps to keep your fans updated where ever you are
Catering Management & Scheduling

Grow your Audience wherever
they, or you may be.

Attract on Facebook & Social Media
Upcoming Times on Existing websites
Easy Integrations for New Websites
Add upcoming locations to email campaigns
Clear, Branded Schedules on your website
Simply add you schedule with good looking widgets that drop right into your website, wherever you need it.
Using Wordpress? Simply plugin your schedule
A complete suite built for Wordpress websites. Works out of the box with existing and new themes
Facebook & Twitter
Rule social media and keep your fans connected. Without lifting a finger. TruckFed keeps your pages updated with where you are automatically.
Instant Landing Page
Dont want to think about websites... We've got you covered with a a instant landing page, customizable to make you look good and get you ranking in Google & Maps straight away.
Export to existing tools
Google Calendar, iCal & Excel, Sheets.
Better Scheduling is just the start.
Now is the perfect time to join TruckFed’s
vision for promoting your Food truck.
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Invites are released on a first-come, first-serve basis